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Mold a Lot

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Mold a Lot is a 1 Part reusable mold making material which is Non-Toxic. Mold a Lot is suitable for use with resins or other products that do not exceed 50°C melting temperature.

Instructions for Use:

Use Cook ‘n Spray to coat the mold box and item to be molded evenly. Melt the product in the microwave on high for 30 seconds. Continue melting at 30 second intervals until product has melted completely and a smooth consistency has been reached. Alternatively remove product from container, place in a double boller and melt over very low heat until completely melted. Secure item to be molded to bottom of mold platform or container. Use a releasing agent: for food products a light spray of Spray and Cook is recommended. If casting resins use a mold release agent suitable for the type of resin being used. Pour melted product slowly over item trying to avoid bubbles. If bubbles occur use the back of a spoon to remove them. Leave to set generally 24 hours till firm. Alternatively put in the fridge for 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on size of mold. To remove mold from item gently loosen sides from container and lift out. When the mold is no longer needed, melt down and make another mold. The mold material can be melted 20-30 times, depending on casting materials used.

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1 litre – R180, 250ml – R60, 500ml – R100